Interview with Lucifer (3 of 3)

A Montana morning

A Montana morning

Last week I had the opportunity to interview the devil, Lucifer. He is also known as, Satan, Day Star, and king of Babylon. Here, in three parts, is a transcription of our conversation. This is the third installment of our discussion. Part One and Part Two are located here. 

Q     So by questioning God’s character to His children, or Believers, you hope to wear them down, making them vulnerable to receiving your accusations and becoming embittered toward Him.

A           Embittered would be wonderful, but actually if they only sink to a moderate level of doubt and declare a small degree of independence, for the sake of self-preservation, then strategy C has been successful. Christians living independently from God is our goal. When this is adequately achieved, I will usurp my sought-after title.

Q         The final strategy of “ICS” is Scripture Quotation. I recall that you employed this technique on Jesus Christ when He was in human form. Am I to assume that you utilize Scripture today as you used it with Him?

A          Absolutely. In many cases Christians today are no better off with the New Testament than they were without it in Jesus’ day. I mean, they may have it, but unless they know what’s in it they won’t derive any benefit from it. Many of them only know what they’ve been taught or heard. I love these folks. They don’t know a lie from the truth, and by the time they figure out that they are deceived, it’s too late. Often, when folks like this find themselves in a hopeless situation, we suggest that if they demonstrate enough faith in God, then God will be obliged to do what they want Him to do. At strategic moments in their temptation, we quote verses from the Bible. One of my favorites is Matthew 17:20. Jesus’ disciples asked Him why they couldn’t cast out a demon. For the record, one of my employees. He said, “Because of the littleness of your faith.” He goes on to say, “If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you.” Isn’t that great? What an exercise in frustration!

Q          But, sir. With all due respect, that’s not what the context of that passage says.

A          I know, but that’s not the point. Trying to make God do something by believing hard enough is the point. Of course it’s a deception, but that’s what we do. The biblical ignorance of these folks compromises them. When they start trying to figure out how they got fouled up, with a little guidance from my staff, they realize they are disillusioned about God because He didn’t honor the Scripture they quoted. Who cares if that’s not what He meant? I sure don’t. But in all honesty, let me say this: When Believers mature in their walk with God to where they manage Scripture accurately and with respect, Hell, Inc. is in trouble. So, we are vigilant. Always. God said His Word is sharper than a double-edged sword, and He is correct. For heaven’s sake, that’s why I utilize it so often? But with ICS as a methodological strategy, even though the Bible is sharp and active, deceived Believers are dull. Judging from what I see around me, I believe my chances for success are strong.

Q          Lucifer, you are certainly wise and have devised an insidiously simple and deceptively attractive program. I regret that we are out of time. I appreciate you granting me this plainspoken interview.

A           It has been my pleasure. It is our vision that Hell, Inc. will rule the world one day from God’s throne. The more public relation stunts I can perform, the better. Before we close, I’ll challenge you to watch and observe. Even with my game plan in hand, Believers will look for me in the shadows, but never at home, in their car, while on break, and certainly not at church. They will be my puppets. The sniveling pawns are my conduit to God’s throne. You watch and see!

Thank you again, sir.

I had the opportunity to visit with Lucifer at his regional headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. If you would like to know more about him and his initiatives, there are multiple passages devoted to him from the Bible. Perhaps the most complete is, Isaiah 14:12 ff. In addition, he and the Spirit of God are engaged in ongoing hostilities over the allegiance of humankind. More on this and the strategies of each side can be considered in the book, No Mercy