Overcoming the glitch

Several of you have written in response to the email company’s glitch and said, “Please, let me pray.” Thank you.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for praying. I believe your intercession has already made a difference.

When Reny’s “work around” email to the Prayer Tribe arrived in my Inbox last night, I felt as though the Cavalry had arrived. I experienced a physical sensation of relief. (My computer was being rebuilt at the time.) Thank you for being in my corner.

I think we have resolved the sign-up glitch, but it was just about as painful a fix I could have imagined. However, if anything about Reny’s and my emails or postings still doesn’t look right, please let us know at, pray4@prestongillham.com.

Last night I received the edited manuscript of “No Mercy” from Steve, my Editor, in my Inbox. I reviewed his editorial thoughts today and am very pleased. It appears I have a great partner. Please pray for him. He and I will have a series of long conversations. The first is Friday at 1:00 PM Central.

Now it is a matter of getting the edits to do what needs to be done to make the book and its message remarkable. This is thoughtful, comprehensive work that requires focus, blocks of uninterrupted time, and attention to multitudes of detail. Now you know how to pray for me.

Thanks for being part of the tribe. More from Reny soon.

Bless you,