Prayer Tribe Launch

Thank you for your readiness to be apart of a prayer cause that is worth fighting for. Advocating for Preston and his upcoming book No Mercy extends beyond just Preston and the book. It is an advocacy on behalf of many believers and non-believers who will be touched by the ministry and will be set free of doubt in God’s love and see Him for who He is - lavish giver, provider, care-er, transformer, friend, lover, Father. Clearly, I believe in Preston and the quality of the upcoming book and that is why I am involved. But this is only part of my motivation. I long to see people turning to Christ and loving him and I believe that Father will reach people far and wide with No Mercy.

To give you an idea that we are actually engaged in something bigger than ourselves, here is what transpired in the last few days. As people received the initial email, many responded. By some technological glitch, those who expressed desire to receive emails ended up on a blocked receivers list. Email technology has been around for decades and email subscriptions are a routine process. It is unlikely that technology is the only cause to blame. While we are diligently working through this “glitch” in the natural, the ruler of the kingdom of the air and the author of confusion is trying to wipe out our prayer tribe even before it has taken off.

This is exciting! True, it is a nuisance, a frustration, too. But most importantly it is a clear indication. We are on the right track. We are involved in something important enough that the enemy will try to kill even before born.

So, you now know how to pray: - Swift resolution of the technology confusion. Favor with the mailing provider and skillful manager who will make things right - Blocking of Satan’s access to our technology - Also, Preston has received the first rounds of edits waiting for him to incorporate. Pray for protection for his time, focus and strength. Pray for release of even greater creativity.

Until the next update,

Be blessed,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman