Prayer Tribe: An Intense Week

This week demands special attention in our prayers as far as Preston and the No Mercy team are concerned. Preston is away on a ministry assignment casting vision, direction, change management and leadership development plan for a couple of organizations. This type of work is intense by its nature. At the same time Satan expends a great deal of effort to derail the leadership and staff of any effective ministry. Pray for productive meetings which will propel the work of these groups forward.

No Mercy is approaching release dates. The electronic book is coming to life as I write this. The prayer here is that the final e-version is such that people pass it along to their friends while they are also stirred to purchase the printed version.

The communication channels are in process of development. We do not have a well oiled machine yet. We need prayers for that. The eCommerce package, including the online store component, merchant services and other plug-ins need a lot more work. Father knows how all the details need to come together, so we are asking that He makes it clear to those involved.

Praying alongside you, be blessed,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman