Prayer Tribe: Creativity

Thank you for praying for the very first book singing. Pictures are posted on the No Mercy page on Facebook. The No Mercy team is very excited that the first promotion of the book occurred in a bar. After all, the fist century bars were the kinds of places where Jesus hung out. We are encouraged that Father would choose this location to bring His love to the people and we are so grateful that you are contending for them in prayer. The team recognizes the importance you have in the endeavor that we are all in. We agree that the force of the Prayer Tribe was the final push in the birth of the book. We also agree that the spreading of the word about No Mercy and the impact on people’s lives will be propelled by the behind-the-scenes sacrifice of the Tribe.

If it was just a matter of book marketing, there are millions of books out there and well established promotional paths to follow. We are not following a well established marketing plan. In fact, the only plan is to trust the Lord daily and rely on His instructions of how and where to talk about the book. He is the One writing the plan, but He is giving it to us in small chunks. Knowing myself, if I had the whole layout, I would take it, run with it, and it will be many miles and many days before I remember to check in with Father. The Lord is not interested in our self-reliance or our contribution to His cause. Father can take care of His causes, promote His ideas, carry out His plans and accomplish everything He’s set out to do. He does not need my help, Preston’s help or any marketing guru for that matter. Just like the King told Hank, He wanted to walk with his son, be with him, share His journey with him.

Father wants to popularize No Mercy His way. He intends to use people with open minds, hearths, ears, relying on a daily infusion of fresh ideas straight from Heaven. To be able to receive these ideas, the extraneous things of life have to be put aside, focus has to be in place, time and fellowship with the Lord is imperative. Would you pray along those lines? Would you pray God’s creativity downloaded and infused into all of us and discernment and obedience to carry out all He shows us regarding No Mercy’s promotion?

Be blessed as you pray creativity from Heaven to earth,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman