Prayer Tribe: First Book Signing

The first official book signing of No Mercy is today, in an hour to be precise. This is fantastic news. It gets even better. The location of the signing is in a bar, not just any bar, the Dog Bar and Grill in Cuchara, Colorado, to be exact. Father must have something special for this bar, its clients and the town of Cuchara. I plan to ask for His thoughts on it. Preston promised to take pictures and share them with the Tribe. Stay tuned and continue to pray, believing Father for great things in the lives of people who will read No Mercy, draw closer to Him, overthrow the yoke of the enemy and walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

On another note, Preston and Di were able to take much needed R&R this week. They could use another month to fully recover but please ask Father to multiply their time and accelerate the restoration of their bodies, souls and minds. Our Lead Super Fan, Victor, is also on vacation with his family. Please remember him and the important publicity work he does for the No Mercy team.

Thank you for your prayers for my IRS audit. God’s grace came against what could have been a huge time drain. A number of good opportunities are coming my way, but recognizing the importance of Father’s work with No Mercy, I must stay focused and distinguish between that which is good and that which is excellent. It is not self-evident but it is imperative.

As another week comes more complimentary copies of No Mercy are going out to key individuals. We need people on Facebook and the in the blogosphere to share about their transformation as they read No Mercy. If you have been impacted already, share your thoughts.

Be blessed as you pray and live a transformed life,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman