Prayer Tribe: Do Not Miss This

Preston was about to take off for much needed few days of rest and restoration when his elderly mom took a tumble and broke her arm. The R&R time is postponed and he is taking care of his elderly parents. Interestingly enough, the same day my mom got admitted into a hospital in Bulgaria for blood clots. Attack is being unleashed against some of the people on the No Mercy team! Please pray! In faith and in prayer we press in. As a group we are wrapping up the prayers for the creation of the book. Today we join Father in his work on the distribution of the book.

But before we head that way, I want you to reflect on this: Every single prayer we prayed since we joined our tribal forces was answered with YES and AMEN by our Father. Every one! Re-read the Prayer Tribe posts or look at the results:

-The printed book: excellent product with appealing cover and compelling summary revealing a powerful editorial touch. We prayed for that! -The e-book: beautiful work of art. We prayed for the designer and her creativity! -State of the art online store and delivery process. We also prayed for that! -Convenient and cost effective shipping service: beyond and above what we asked for!

The list goes on.

The point is: we are a force to be reckoned with! He joined Father, we are trusting Him, we are about the things He is about. The results are up to Him. I am ready and excited to see more of Father’s handiwork in this next phase: spreading the word about the book and placing it strategically into the hands of people who need to be set free by God.

So, without much ado, here is the first step. We are sending an email to a select group of people making the ebook available free of charge to download, keep and forward. Would you pray that the upcoming email will be the spark of the distribution fire; that people will respond, forward and ultimately buy the book.

In the meantime, be encouraged by all the victories behinds us and before us.

Reny Madjarska Hear Prayer Tribeswoman