Prayer Tribe: Feedback

The readership of No Mercy is growing daily. The feedback is very positive and exciting. But I am very interested in feedback from you all, the Prayer Tribe. If you have started reading you probably realized that the book demands that you pause frequently and consider what you have just read. If you are anything like me, you pray. You wrestle with conviction. You search your heart. Or you ask Father to search your heart. And after you have dealt with what he has revealed, you pick up the book again. Few chapters later, or even few pages later, you pause again. You consider, you pray, you are moved to tears, you are encouraged, you feel unconditionally loved by the Father. You would do well to pause and soak in the awareness of His love. Few pages further you realize that you have been cheated by Jester and you have bought into his lies, adopted them as your own thoughts and anger starts to brew inside you. You may be hard on yourself and you wonder, “I know better, how I could fall in the same trap that Hank did?” So it is a process. If you are not zooming through the book, do not be discouraged. Keep reading, keep praying, keep talking about it, keep sending the link of the free e-book or keep giving copies away.

There is a lot more to No Mercy than what I described above. I do not want to give it away quite yet. I do want to hear your thoughts. You have prayed for this book over four months now. Father has given you intimate experience in your discussions with Him. Post your thoughts, comments, prayer here or send an email.

Be blessed as you read,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman