Prayer Tribe: The Launch

The first week of the e-book launch is behind us and as expected struggles and victories abounded.The bad news first. - Preston’s mom is in much pain and needs round the clock care as well as your prayers - My mom is back from the hospital with a lot of pain in her leg and no doctors’ diagnosis. She needs your prayers too. - Our team member Lindsay, the amazing e-book designer, has been struggling with an upper respiratory problem for over four weeks now.

In all these cases please pray like you would want to be prayed for. Make a stand against the one who attacks the sons and daughters of the High King.

The good news. - Downloads of the e-book are steady. - The first orders for shipment of entire cases were international! - Comments of impacted readers are coming in daily. One lady said, “I resent having to go to work in the morning because I have to put the book down.”

The distribution of the book continues. Important tools such as Facebook and various web-sites need to come together. Would you pray that the Lord provides people to assist in utilizing these tools.

I have such passion that No Mercy sets free not only believers but also touches the non-believers who read in the genre of No Mercy. Please pray for miraculous open doors into those circles. If you have any thoughts please do not hesitate to send.

There will be much happening in the next weeks. Be ready. Be alert as to what Father is showing you about our Prayer Tribe and the journey we are on. And please, do not forget to share.

Many blessings,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman