Prayer Tribe: Momentum is building

Reny, the Head Prayer Tribeswoman, is a CFO in her real life. April 15 looms and the annual audit is in full swing. She’ll be back in a few days. Until then, you’ve got me. Thank you for praying as "No Mercy" makes its way into the starting blocks. The front cover is complete. The back cover is very close, and the spine lacks one tweak before being finished. Pray for Stephen as he completes the remaining details and prepares his files to be transferred to the printer.

Leslie is creating the interior of the book. Most of the design elements are in place and look great. She too is putting the finishing touches on the interior and appreciates you praying for her.

Thank you for praying for me as I gathered the content for the back cover. Summaries are the hardest type of writing for me. I’m pleased with the summary and appreciate your prayers. If the front cover causes someone to pick the book up and flip it over, and if the back cover inspires enough interest for a prospective reader to open the book, then the covers have done their job. We are almost there.

Before the week is out, "No Mercy" should be at the printer, Versa Press. There are lots of exact measurements, file transfers, ink balances, humans, and machines that must all work together.

Lindsay continues her work creating the e-book. I’ve told her you are praying for her.

I am lining up the eCommerce necessary to fulfill orders for the book. A bit overwhelming, but I’m close. That means I’m about to sign contracts. Thank you for praying as I sift through small print.

Finally, continue praying for the readers of "No Mercy." Right now, Father is preparing hearts for the message He wants to express via this written resource. A lady who read a review copy—two versions old, no less—told a friend yesterday, “This book is changing my life.” Woohoo! That's a great word, isn't it?

Now that we are getting some of the final design done, I’ll slip you some advance peeks before long. By the way, you should know: "No Mercy" is dedicated to you, the Prayer Tribe.

Thanks, and bless you,