Prayers for Deliverance, Part 3

There is a second thing I want to offer for your consideration: Notice that Acts 12:7 says a light shown in the jail cell when the angel appeared. We are told that “God is light and in Him is no darkness.” Further, we are called to “walk in the light” (1 Jn. 1:5-7). Do not miss this point: The light shown in the cell before Peter was delivered. While there is no guarantee you will escape the worst of the challenge you are facing, there is no reasonable question about whether or not you have light to walk in with your Heavenly Father, even in your difficulties. While Peter escaped prison, there is no possibility of Father escaping you. He is not trying!

Another thing is for certain: You will never have another opportunity to trust God like the opportunity you face affords to you right now. Don’t waste this experience! Walk in the light! Trust your Father. You may as well fight the good fight rather than simply get run over by circumstance.

Here is an image for you to consider: Peter was awaiting a probable death sentence. But when the angel appeared to him, he was asleep and undressed. In other words, Peter was at rest in the midst of big-time trouble, and you can be as well. It is all in who you know.

Here is my encouragement: Pray for deliverance, but do not look for deliverance. Look to Him instead. If Father delivers you out, great. If Father delivers you through, great. He will deliver.

Walk in the light that is your Father’s constant and abiding presence in you and through you. While you might not like the answer to prayer He comes up with, He is faithful and you will like Him.