The battle intensifies

I received an email update today from my editor. Here’s what he wrote:

“I'm still working away here. It's been a challenge - not because of the manuscript (it's in great shape), but because of life stuff and illness. I'm guessing some spiritual warfare thing might be at play, too. Would make sense.”

One of the misconceptions we have about warfare, especially in the West, is that war is civil—sort of a gentleman’s sport. If your opponent drops his sword, you allow him time to pick it up again. If he stumbles and falls, you give him a chance to get up and gather his wits.

The civility of not kicking a man when he’s down is a fair rule, and it is, in sanctioned matches. In the ring, the referee monitors the fight. If a fighter is cut, the ref examines him to see if he can safely continue. If he falls, the ref counts to ten while his opponent waits in his corner.

Warrior, you and I face a real enemy, on a real battlefield, but there is no referee, and it is not civil. To believe that your enemy will not kick you while you are down is a delusion. If you hold to that belief you will become disillusioned.

This is one of themes in “No Mercy.” Don’t expect mercy from your enemy. He is hell-bent on no mercy for you. Spiritual warfare is not a sanctioned fight. It is not civil. It is not fair.

Our brother, Steve, my editor, is in the thick of things. He is sick, and has been for a few weeks. His family is stressed. Life has closed in much tighter than normal, and he has associated these battles with the spiritual subject matter in, “No Mercy.” That is a noteworthy observation for us in the Prayer Tribe.

I think he is correct: Steve is under spiritual attack. Who wouldn’t be, given the content of “No Mercy?”

Tribe, would you intercede for Steve? He needs health, focus, and protection. He needs courageous souls to stand in the gap. He needs for you to intercede—now, tomorrow, and the next day. He anticipates returning the manuscript to me early next week.

Reny or I will be in touch in a few days with an update from my front.