Prayer Tribe: Fear Not

I believe that our email glitch was satan’s scare tactic. A warning and an attempt for derailment. I take it as a compliment. We all want our efforts to count and apparently we are infringing on the kingdom of darkness. Yet we know that the enemy has other tricks and this is the time to stay focused on praying and interceding. The circle of readers of the book is beginning to expand. We are entering a territory where criticism will flow along with praise and may even exceed it. Criticism is not a bad thing. But criticism has a different dimension when one lays his life down and walks in vulnerability so that others can know our awesome, loving and kind Father. The tongue has the power of life and death, words can kill or build up. (Prov 18:21). Would you take an offensive posture and pray that any words raised against our work will only propel it forward, and that which is meant to destroy Preston, the team, and /or his book will give birth to glorious expressions of God’s power and might, love, joy, peace, abundance. And, please, do not pray against criticism, but do pray against indifference!

Till the next time, be blessed,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman